About Us

Company Profile

Company History

We’ve been involved in modelling and talent for a number of years, but started our company in 2015.

What We Do!

We create models, actors, singers and dancers with self-confidence and teach them to be the best they can be.

Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have talent and models that creates an income and are happy and fulfilled.

Vision Statement

With teaching and living the example we want to create models and talent and ensure work and income for all.

Management & Ownership


D P Hillicks, Credit Manager and Director, MMC Hillicks, Director, Trainer, HED, International Judging Certificate, Hannon Make-up Diplomas


Louise Ras Mels – International Catwalk Teacher – Ladies, Motivational Speaker

Jason Mels – International Catwalk Teacher – Men

Sharné Mostert – Vocal Trainer and Piano Teacher

Annette Engelbrecht  – Drama Teacher

Office and Administrative Personnel

Family owned business

Affirmative Action Anitiatives

We do not believe in discrimination in any area of our business


Growth Strategy

Business Goals and Objectives



Business Competitiveness

We believe in honesty and loyalty.
We promote Christian values.

Currently we are a small company, but we want to develop into an academy where we will be able to train models and talent on a bigger scale and promote and scout new talent and models regularly. We want to be part of the creating and building of the youth in South Africa.

As a business we want to be recognized
as a mentor and mother agency that can be trusted.

We provide training in modelling, singing, dancing and acting.

Models, Actors, Dancers, Musicians

We pride ourselves in our values. We are honest and loyal. We teach international standard modelling. Our models and talent get the opportunity to be actors in music videos, television programmes and films. They get the hands on experience.